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Dinabandhu Andrews CollegeEstd : August 1956. Affiliated to University of Calcutta


Cycle No.DurationDownload
First Cycle of AccreditationFrom 07.01.2007 to 06.01.2011Download
Second Cycle of AccreditationFrom 02.012.2016 to 01.12.2021Download

Srl No.NameDesignation
1Dr. Somnath MukhopadhyayChairperson
2Sri Arup Chakraborty, Member of the Governing BodyMember (Management)
3Sri Swaraj Kumar Mondal, Councilor, KMC Ward No. 110Member (Local Body)
4Sri Mrinal Chakraborty, Associate Professor of EnglishMember
5Dr. Swapna Mukherjee, Associate Professor of MicrobiologyMember
6Dr. Tanya Das, Associate Professor of ChemistryMember
7Dr. Joy Sarkar, Assistant Professor of BotanyCoordinator
8Smt Nabanita Chatterjee, Assistant Professor of PhilosophyMember
9Gul Mohammad, Assistant Professor of ElectronicsMember
10Dr. Mithun Maji, Assistant Professor of Botany & BursarMember
11Sri Arup Kumar Ghosh, Assistant Professor of ZoologyMember
12Secretary of the Students' Union/BodyStudent
Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)Download
2016-2017 - (Uploaded on 26/03/2018)Download
2017-2018 - (Uploaded on 31/01/2019)Download
2017-2018 - (New format) (Uploaded on 03/02/2021)Download
2020-2021 Download
2021-2022 Download
Self Study Report (SSR)Download
Complete ReportDownload
Partial Report : Preface & ContentsDownload
Partial Report : Part - ADownload
Partial Report : Part - BDownload
Partial Report : Part - CDownload
Partial Report : Part - DDownload
Partial Report : Part - EDownload
Partial Report : Part - F (Annex - 1)Download
Partial Report : Part - F (Annex - 2)Download
Partial Report : Part - F (Annex - 3)Download
Partial Report : Part - F (Annex - 4)Download
Partial Report : Part - F (Annex - 5)Download

Srl No.AISHE CodeCoordinator
1C-11955Dr. Suvrakanta Dutta
Associate Professor of Physics
AISHE CertificatesCertificateData
AISHE Certificate 2012-13DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2013-14DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2014-15DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2015-16DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2016-17DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2017-18DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2018-19DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2019-20DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2020-21DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2021-22DownloadDownload
AISHE Certificate 2022-23 Download Download

Srl No.NameDesignation
1Dr. Tarun PradhanCoordinator
Submitted Institute Data for NIRFDocument
Data-for- NIRF-2020Download
Data-for- NIRF-2021Download
Data-for- NIRF-2022Download
Data-for- NIRF-2023Download
Data-for- NIRF-2024Download

1 Minutes IQAC Meeting 27-06-2023Download
2 IQAC Meeting Minutes 16.09.2016 Download
3 IQAC Meeting Minutes 30.05.2016 Download
4 IQAC Meeting Minutes 18.03.2016 Download
5 IQAC Meeting Minutes 12.02.2016 Download
6 IQAC Meeting Minutes 08.12.2015 Download
7 IQAC Meeting Minutes 01.12.2015 Download
8 IQAC Meeting Minutes 04.09.2015 Download
9 IQAC Meeting Minutes 22.08.2015 Download
10 IQAC Meeting Minutes 11.08.2015 Download
11 IQAC Meeting Minutes 15.05.2015 Download
12 IQAC Meeting Minutes 11.07.2014 Download
13 IQAC Meeting Minutes 05.06.2014 Download
14 IQAC Meeting Minutes 11.03.2014 Download
15 IQAC Meeting Minutes 15.09.2012 Download