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RTI Report

Srl No. Date RTI Application by Subject Received Replied on Remarks DasConstruction work to built the open air shed on the college premises16.03.201223.04.2012Photocopies of the documents supplied DasConstruction of Guard Rooms and renovation of college toilets on the college premises16.03.201226.04.2012Hard copy documents supplied Chandra SahooInformation against admission in B.Sc. (Chemistry Honours) in 2012-1310.07.201211.07.2012, 10.08.2012, 22.09.2012, 26.09.2012, 01.10.2012, 17.10.2012Preparation of documents Provided the documents Invited for inspection of data Requested for instection Permission given for ins. RTI withdrawn PatraPost of Assistant Professor of Microbiology08.01.201420.01.2012Replied