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List of Forms

1.75% non-refundable withdrawal from PF (By Employee)
2.90% non-refundable withdrawal from PF (By Employee)
3.Application for impersonal Advance Zoology or Electronics
4.Application for part payment by student
5.Application for withdrawal
6.Application for reimbursement
7.Authorization letter (For Addl. Secretary, HE)
8.Certificate of attendance
9.Cheque re-issuance
10.Departmental Pass Book
11.Diesel Requisition Form
12.Application for Duplicate Fee Book and I Card
13.Application for Duplicate Fee Book
14.Request for issuance of work order by the Principal
15.Letter of authorization (For CU)
16.LPG Requisition Form
17.Terminal Withdrawal from PF
18.Format for CU Examination
19.Application for late admission to 2nd or 3rd year
20.Non Availability of Admit Card or Regn. Certificate
21.Letter of authorization for obtaining documents from Registrar, CU
22.Money Receipt
23.Certificate of Disbursement of Leave Salary
24.Certificate of Disbursement of PF Proceeds
25.No Liability Certificate from accountant
26.Open School Candidates
27.Quotation request
28.Format for NEFT Payment (Mandate form)
29.Certificate as per Rule 145 of General Financial Rules
30.Caution Money Refund
31.Students Aid Fund Form
32.Application form for admission to Semester - II/IV
33.HRA Declaration Form
34.Standing instruction to Bank .... (Rs. 1,800/-)
35.Standing instruction to Bank .... (Rs. 2,600/-)
36.CU Certificate (Authorization form)
37.Application for Festival Advance (Form No.-38)
38.Application for payment of bills