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25-01-2024One day International Seminar Organized by IQAC & the Dept. of PhysicsDownload
19-01-2024Awareness Programme on 'Legal Rights of Women'Download
08-01-2024News Bulletin; Issue-I, Vol-I, Jan-July, 2023Download
04-01-2024Gender SensitizationDownload
05-09-2023E-Inauguration of Diamond Jubilee BuildingDownload
09-09-2023Lieutenant Arpan TamangDownload
27-09-2023Dengue Awareness Programme on 27.09.2023Download
26-08-2023Contribution of Dinabandhu Andrews College towards successful moon mission, 2023 Published in 'Ananda Bazar Patrika' on 26.08.2023.Download
07-08-2023Selection of Dinabandhu Andrews College as one of the best performing college in West bengalDownload
04-07-2023'Microbes & Us' published by the Dept. of Microbiology in International Journal of Research & Analysis in Science & Engineering in Vol-3, Issue-4, July, 2023Download
22-06-20231st Bengali Faculty Exchange Programme betwee Dinabandhu Andrews College and K.K. Das CollegeDownload
13-05-2023Seminar on Menstrual HygeneDownload
12-05-2023National Seminar on 'Think Outside the Box. Be an Entrepreneur'Download
12-05-2023One day National Seminar held on 12th May, 2023Download
10-04-2023An Educational visit to the BSE Institute Ltd.Download
04-04-2023Career in Financial Planning and Wealth Management.Download
21-02-2023Publication of Calender 2023 developed by Microbiology Department of this college.Download
02-01-2023Health Check Up CampDownload
21-09-2022Participation of Dinabandhu Andrews College in YPCDownload
16-09-2022Glimpses of Food Festival organized by Microbiology DepartmentDownload
09-11-2022Student Credit Card Awareness Camp (Under Duare Sarkar Programme)Download
27-12-2021Student Credit Card Awareness CampDownload
01-11-2021Covid Vaccine CampDownload
12-09-2021Webinar on The Science of Induced Fish Breeding, Pituitary Hormones involvedDownload
01-07-2021Course FeesDownload
01-07-2021Students' ManualDownload
01-07-2021User ManualDownload
01-07-2021Institution ManualDownload
01-07-2021Student Credit Card Schme Gazette NotificationDownload
07-02-2021Seminar on 'Gender Sensitization' held as Webinar on 7th February, 2021Download
06-09-2019Dengue Awareness Camp organized by Kanyasree Committee on 6th Sept., 2019Download