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Historically, Integrated Financial management System (IFMS) was introduced in West Bengal on 1st April, 2014. Three modules, namely, (1) e-Bantan, (2) e-Billing and (3) e-Pradan were rolled out in quick succession.

e-Bantan: e-Bantan takes care of the distribution of funds against the subordinate offices/grantee institutions under the control of the Government.

e-Billing: e-Billing is the system of electronic submission of claims from the DDO’s end

e-Pradan: e-Pradan module takes care with direct transfer/payment of claims to beneficiaries' bank account.

For all these module there is a separate Login Id and Password for each Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO).

From 1st April, 2017, another module named Hunan Resource Management System (HRMS) came into operation for overall management of disbursement of salary of teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.

At present, all the 4 sub-modules of IFMS, namely (1) e-Bantan, (2) e-Billing, (3) e-Pradan, and (4) HRMS are in use for the overall management of payment/disbursement salary, arrear salary, bonus, Leave Encashment proceeds, withdrawal of Provident Fund proceeds etc.

In addition, a host of services can be mobilized through IFMS-HRMS such as:

  • Salary Slip Generation
  • Generation of report on disbursement of salary/other dues
  • Generation of reports on bill-wise success/failure
  • Generation of report on allotment of funds
  • Generation of report on ‘Provident Fund monthly/date-specific balance
  • Generation of Beneficiary lists
  • Generation of Income Tax deduction at source (TDS) on quarterly basis
  • Generation of employee-wise salary details
  • Generation of employee-wise salary component details
  • Generation of availability of funds at treasury/DDO etc.